The Formulation Station: A Psychology Podcast

Unpacking trauma: the what, why and how

April 17, 2022 The Formulation Station Episode 20
The Formulation Station: A Psychology Podcast
Unpacking trauma: the what, why and how
Show Notes

Welcome to The Formulation Station: A Psychology Podcast with your co-hosts, Dr. Aimee Maxwell and Jessica Graham. On today’s episode, we have a frank, in-depth and open discussion on trauma. Jess and Aimee picked this rather fitting quote from Bessel Van Der Kolk as a poignant beginning to this episode: "It is one thing to process memories of trauma- but it is an entirely different matter to confront the inner void- the holes in the soul from not having been wanted, not having been seen, and not having been allowed to speak the truth." The conversation then moves to discussion of:

  • What is trauma? 
  • Trauma versus adverse life events 
  • Acute versus chronic versus complex trauma 
  • Types of trauma, including attachment trauma 
  • PTSD versus complex trauma 
  • The impacts of trauma on mental functioning and development  
  • Types of treatment for trauma, including EMDR, TF-CBT, psychodynamic/ dynamic therapy, prolonged exposure therapy, pharmacotherapy  

We also discuss some of the issues arising in postgraduate programs regarding trauma treatment and management of more tricky presentations on Therapy Corner. As Aimee and Jess felt the focus of this episode needed to be discussion of trauma, there is no Psych-cesses or Human Moments on today's episode. If you have a question that you want answered during our Therapy Corner segment, DM us on Instagram @theformulationstationpodcast or email us at 

Here is also a link to the 8 keys for safe trauma recovery book that Jess mentioned during today’s episode: 

This is a tough topic, so it is especially important that you reach out for support and find ways to look after yourself if this episode has brought anything up for you. Sometimes self-care may be not listening to certain topics (including this episode) and pausing the episode, if need be. Please treat yourselves gently. If the content discussed in today’s episode triggered anything for you, please reach out to one of the below organisations: 

  • Lifeline 24/7 – 13 11 14  
  • Suicide Callback Service - 1300 659 467 
  • Butterfly Foundation 8am-Midnight - (for individuals with eating disorders) 1800 334 673 
  • Beyond Blue - 1300 22 4636 
  • DV Connect Womensline - 1800 811 811 
  • DV Connect Mensline - 1800 600 636 
  • Mensline Australia - 1300 78 99 78 
  • Alcohol & Drug Service - 1800 177 833 
  • Anxiety Resource Centre Vic (Nation Wide) - 1300 269 438 

Aimee and Jess wish you and your families a safe and happy Easter. We hope you can each find ways to connect with people that are meaningful to you. Lots of love xxx